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About RoseMarie Long-Langworthy

RoseMarie Long-Langworthy’s interest in inventing, patenting and manufacturing, and now selling the lotion applicator was initially inspired because she found it difficult to apply sunscreen to her own back when no one was around. Once invented, Rose realized that the lotion applicator would be useful in hospitals, for dermatologists and for other medical situations. She is an accomplished artist who has exhibited her pieces at national and international art shows. She creates 20 to 30 pieces in a particular area of concentration such as surrealism, and then moves on to another area such as abstract flowers. She has taught at R.I.S.D., University of Alaska Anchorage, and the University of Cincinnati, S.U.N.Y.A. Ms. Long-Langworthy is a recipient of the International Gallery of Contemporary Art’s Jurors’ Choice Award, as well as the Best in Show Award and an Award of Distinction from the University of Cincinnati Clemont College. She dedicates her success as an entrepreneur and an artist to her husband, Bob, who she feels has been a solid support system for her.

Rose's Applicators
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